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You’ve found the about me section, so let me introduce myself a bit. I’m an open book. I know there has to be more to my history than I can see, so I share my stories to give encouragement to others – because you are never alone.

I am a children’s book author and lifestyle blogger that moved to Appleton, Wis., from the Madison area several years ago. The route was far from direct. I had to overcome a difficult childhood, a genetic predisposition to depression and anxiety, and I fled from an abusive partner, after giving birth as a teenager to my daughter.


The refuge I found at the local domestic violence shelter set the foundation for me to obtain the support I needed on my path to healing. A small grant of just $1,000 from the Allstate Foundation was the spark she needed to purchase a laptop and books to help in securing my GED, followed by a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice client services.

Then, I spent several years working as an advocate for women and children at the same agency I had received help from before deciding to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. I run a local moms’ networking and support group, and serve avidly on my children’s school’s Parent-Teacher Organization.

I’m passionate about helping people, and have decided to continue advocating for families by writing books for children with an uplifting message, and blogs to support families through the challenges of life.