I Appreciate Your Help, But Do You Have to Be so Judgy?

Confession: I am not actually super woman. I talk a big game, but I don’t have literal eyes in the back of my head.

When I’m at the park with my three kids I’m doing my best to keep them all out of oncoming traffic, so if I miss something – please step in. I am 100% on board with you correcting something inappropriate that my child is doing.


My youngest LOVES to dump sand. Undoubtedly, he’ll get some in someone’s eyes at some point. Please, ask him to stop throwing sand if I miss it.

My middle child can be a bit bossy. If he’s asking for passwords at the top of the slide, please feel free to redirect him.

My oldest is pretty good, but if you find her playing with a mouse or a baby bird in a corner, I’m begging you, tell her to stop.

I’ll see at least one, probably two of those situations. If I miss one please don’t turn around and make that face. The “I can’t believe you don’t have control over your kid” face.

You’re right, I don’t; not all the time.

My kids are at the park to wear down the intense energy they have. I brought them so they can let go of my leg for half an hour. I can’t be everything for everyone all the time.judgy2

I’m doing my best. If I’m aware you’ve had to correct my child chances are good I’m already feeling pretty humiliated and crummy. Your judgmental glare resonates perfectly into my self-loathing. Suddenly a molehill feels like a mountain and I feel obligated to punish my child just to prove I do have boundaries and I do actually care. Then I’ll get a disapproving glance for my lack of patience.

Just so you know, I’m actually a pretty good mom. Sure, I have days where I consider selling them all to the circus and retiring early somewhere with white sandy beaches… but let’s be serious, so do you.

I love them more than words can begin to express. I’m doing my best to raise them knowing right from wrong, and more often than not they’re pretty awesome kids. If you catch them in a moment of weakness and I miss it, please step right on in. I welcome your help.

But instead of the passive-aggressive side eye say hello. You’ll find out I’m not so bad.

When your child inevitably crosses a line we can exchange a nod and eye roll that resonates with every mom: been there, done that.

A little love and support goes a long way.

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