Dear Husband – I Really Do Love You More

It’s pretty common these days for us to sit together bantering,

“No! I love you more.”

(Readers – I know, we’re slowly becoming THAT couple, but stick with me here)

I know you love me with every fiber of your being, and I am so eternally grateful for the passion you bring to our marriage; but you cannot possibly love me more.loveyoumore3.jpg

You know my story. You know my childhood was filled with hurt and regret. You know I fell victim to self-destructive behaviors to fill the void, and you know that failed. You know I had an emptiness that left me open to a tumultuous relationship. You know that he used me, physically and emotionally abused me, corrupted me, and destroyed what little self-worth I felt at that time.

I’m glad only one of us felt the depth of that painful loneliness,

but it left me scarred in places I didn’t know scars could touch.

When the despair was so deep I thought I’d never come out you came into my life. It didn’t take long for you to understand what you’d gotten yourself into – you should have run for the hills – but you didn’t. You stuck by my side through nightmares and irrational fears. You took on a child you didn’t create and called her your own – without hesitation.

For the first time in my life I knew, without a doubt, what true love felt like… wonderful. 

So, you can’t love me more. The journey to where we are today was so much farther for me. As I sit here in the home we built together listening to you chuckle at our beautiful family, I’m overwhelmed. I appreciate every ridiculous thing you do. Even you coming home from work every night feels prodigious.

You are the one constant in my life. You are truly God’s match for me, and I could not imagine my life without you.

There is no way you can love me more because you have never seen the bottom.

When you know everything that isn’t,


the sun shines brighter on everything that is.

I love you, more than you’ll ever know. I love you with all of it and all of me.

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