10 Great At-Home Date Night Ideas

Once you have kids, “dating” often becomes a thing of the past. It’s easy to set aside our relationships for just a little while – because they are a stable constant in our lives. The needs of our children too often define us and we forget to make time for the little things. I know I’m especially guilty of this; but I’m working on it.

They all sleep eventually. Here are 10 great ideas to keep the spark of marriage alive, without bringing in the sitter.

in home date night 10.jpg1. Have an Indoor Picnic

Set up a blanket on the floor and pack your picnic basket with some late night dessert, snacks, or even a bottle of wine. Turn on a noise machine Try This One! and pretend you’re in the great outdoors.


in home date night 92. YouTube Karaoke

Yep, you can even YouTube karaoke. I can’t say I’m a terrific singer, but I can say husband is a TERRIBLE singer. Karaoke is a guaranteed way to have us rolling on the floor, laughing in stitches.


in home date night 8.jpg3. Find a Star Map, and Search for Constellations

Bring a glass of wine outside and stargaze. Get lost in the beauty of the night sky. Make sure your map current, as the skies change throughout the year.


in home date night 74. Make Dessert

We’ve all seen the gelato commercial where the parents sneak downstairs for a yummy treat. If I’m being honest, I save my cravings for after bed time more often than not. Find a good recipe and make dessert from scratch. Then, indulge.


in home date night 6.jpg5. Play a Children’s Game

One of my personal favorite in-home date nights is game night. We take uncomplicated games add a few new rules. In Trouble (Find Trouble, Here)  for instance, we add the ability to go backwards and each take two corners. It adds a bit of adult complexity to a childhood favorite.

in home date night 5.jpg6. Build a Fort

Who doesn’t love a good fort? Create your masterpiece, then snuggle the night away talking about your hopes and dreams.



in home date night 47. Pintrest Create

Pintrest is filled with DIY décor ideas. Find one together, buy the supplies, and spend the night creating memories and (hopefully) a successful project. I’m partial to the personalized wood boards.


in home date night 38. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Use your creative juices and muster up simple rhymes to send your partner running around the house looking for clues. The final destination could be a bath, the bed, or even the kitchen for some ice cream.


in home date night 2.jpg9. Replay Your First Date, at Home

My husband and I had our first date at a supper club. After, we went for ice cream and mini golfing. (Yep, we’re that silly.) Spending the night eating an ordered in meal, eating ice cream, and creating a mini golf course in the living room while reminiscing as our kids sleep sounds glorious.


in home date night 1.jpg

10. Create a Dream Vacation

It might not happen soon, but someday your kids will be grown up and living with families on their own (or at least, that’s the plan.) If you’re too exhausted to be active dream of relaxation instead. Where will you go?


The task of finding more great ways to spend time together is never-ending.

Do you have a favorite in home date night? I’d love to hear about it!


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