5 Gifts the New Mom REALLY Wants

We all know someone who has just recently had a baby or is expecting very soon. You were at the baby shower and saw the mountain of cute toys and clothes, so naturally you are at a loss for what to gift. What do you get the mom that seems to have everything? Here are five gifts sure to stand out and are exactly what she wants!


Here are 5 gifts sure to stand out and are exactly what she wants.

1. Food

No, seriously. Ask her what kind of food you can bring. She’s had a human clogging up her torso for months. She’s been hungry and full at the same time, with killer heartburn. Restrictive third-trimester diets often make that worse.

Most pregnancy ailments cure themselves immediately after birth. There is space for food in her middle and heartburn is a thing of the past. Even gestational diabetes magically vanishes in most cases.


Feed her whatever she’s missed out on for months. I wanted soda. Caffeine filled delicious bubbles. Two of my closest friends wanted fried cheese curds, and I happily delivered. They lit up like the fourth of July.



2. Cleaning Service

Regardless of how that sweet baby makes it’s entrance into this world it’s traumatizing on a woman’s body. She is going to be sore and undoubtedly exhausted.

If she’s breastfeeding, she’s being milked like a cow on a schedule. If she’s formula feeding, her finances are taking a serious hit.

Cleaning is the last thing on her to-do list, as it should be. Unfortunately for most women, last on the to-do list means top of the mind. It’ll bother her that dust is collecting and squished cheerios cover the tile. Tubs are impossible to find time for, or even bend in to clean.cleaningbucket.jpg

Send her a cleaning lady for a day. Be sure to find one from a reputable company that is fully insured. They’re efficient but effective. 2 or 3 hours will give her a sparkling shine she’ll be proud to showcase when friends and family visit.

It’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you can swing it – she’ll never forget it.

3. Coupons for Nap

Who doesn’t love free options? Jump on your computer and create some silly coupons for nap time. You’ll get to snuggle those sweet newborn double chins while she gets some much needed rest.

You get the picture. She desperately needs help to RELAX.

4. A Pedicure

Pretty feet might seem silly to you, but she hasn’t seen them in a long time. Now that she can see them, you may as well help her enjoy the view.pedicure.jpg

If you haven’t had a pedicure yourself, I highly recommend it. Somehow a simple foot massage changes the mood for an entire day.

She may not use it for a few weeks, but it’ll be a great excuse to get her out alone for an hour when she’s ready.

5. Gift Cards for More Food

Back to the food. Yep, it’s that important. Cooking meals is as necessary and daunting a task as anything else. When baby is cluster feeding or fussy it’s hard to put dinner on the table, especially if dad has recently gone back to work.

I’m telling you with full certainty, food is the answer.

Heck, it’s the answer for people who haven’t had a new baby. Just put that as your number one gift for anyone, any-time.



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