This Year, You’ll See Me in Vacation Pictures

I am notorious for comments like “Ugh, can we just crop me out of that?” or “I’ll take the picture. No one wants me to pollute it.” I’m about 40 pounds heavier than I was just five years ago, and it certainly shows in pictures.

In my mind, everyone sees our family in a still frame and can’t look past my third chin or hefty muffin top. We’re headed out for vacation in only two weeks, and I’m already dreading the bathing suit and snap shots.

pictures 3.jpg

When I see your family photos, however, all I see are your smiles. I see your kids, blissfully unaware that you’ve packed on a few pounds. I see your husband, enamored with all you have accomplished in life together.

It may be presumptuous to think you look at my family and see that, too, but that’s what is there.

A smiling husband and wife, smitten with one another, surrounded by three of the most beautiful children God has ever created.

When I look back in twenty years, I know I’ll be thankful to see the evolution of our family, well- documented in photographs. Someday when I’ve moved past this life, my kids and grand-kids will savor those memories, too.

So this year I’ll let it go. I’ll try my best to look past my insecurities and see what my family sees.

After all, I am smart. I am tough. I am loved. I am enough.


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