Cardboard Box Castle – Summer Project

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Summer is the perfect time to try something new with your kids. Try out this great project, sure to keep them busy for days!

What You’ll Need:

– large refrigerator or furniture boxes

  • Most furniture stores will gladly clear their cardboard somewhere other than their overflowing bins. Just walk in, ask, and you’ll leave with the most vital piece of your project.

– duct tape

  • Any strong tape will do

– art supplies

  • Leftover room paint is a great, free supply. Get creative! Try glitter, markers, puffy paint, or even paper cut outs.

Step 1: Create your design.

  • Lay out your boxes and decide how to create the castle of your dreams.

Step 2: Cut and Tape it.

  • You’ll want to tape before doing any other artwork, so you don’t lose your structure. Tape at all the creases and joints well.

castle2Step 3: Cut your towers, turrets, windows, and doors.

  • Be mindful of your joints, you don’t want to jeopardize the stability.


Step 4: Decorate!

  • Go wild. I’d suggest an outdoor art project. It can get messy quick!

Step 5: Share this post and your creation – so everyone else can see your masterpiece and learn how!



My compliments and thanks to Denyel Behn-Garski for your amazing project idea!

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