Kids Crafts with Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaner projects are a great way to practice hand eye coordination, and they’re a great mess-free project, too!

Here are 3 crafts you can do with NO GLUE and NO SCISSORS! It’s perfect for all ages, and cheap! I got all of my supplies for under $5.00 at the local dollar store.

craft6Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

What you’ll need:

  • colorful pipe cleaners
  • beads
  • bubbles (click HERE for a recipe to make your own)

Step 1: Bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of your choosing, approximately the size of a quarter for best results.

Step 2: Decorate the wand with beads and twist up the end of the stick to make sure the beads stay on.

Step 3: Dip in your bubbles, and blow! Sit back and watch them play for hours!


craft3Pipe Cleaner Butterflies- (can also be used for art display)

What You’ll Need

  • colorful pipe cleaners
  • flat wooden clothes pins
  • markers
  • magnets or Command removable damage free tape (optional)
  • super glue – parent required! (optional)

Step 1: Color the clothes pins with markers. You can take them apart first if you’d like; they’re easy to reassemble.

Step 2: Take a pipe cleaner and bend both ends into the middle. Twist the ends around to keep them stationary. Shape your wings. Do this again with another pipe cleaner.

Step 3: Shove the middle of the pipe cleaners (where you have them twisted) as far up as you can in the clothes pin. You should still be able to pinch the clothes pin all the way.

Step 4 (optional): attach either a magnet with super glue or the command tape cut to size, and attach it your fridge or wall!


craft4Pipe Cleaner Snakes

What you’ll need

  • colorful pipe cleaners
  • beads



Step 1: Pick your pipe cleaner. Add two colored beads to the center. These will be your eyes.

Step 2: Twist the pipe cleaner and bend it in a circular motion to create a head.

Step 3: Add in another pipe cleaner, weaving one side of the new pipe cleaner into the back of the head.

Step 4: Twist the pipe cleaners to create a body.


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