The Breakfast Hurdle – Feeding Toddlers

There are few things in this world that irritate me more than trying to survive a meal with kids.

Me: “Why are you spitting that on the floor? You said you asked for banana bread.”

Child: “Yes, but I want it without bananas.”

Me: “So you want bread.”

Child: “NO! I want banana bread, but I want you to take out the bananas.”

Of course, the conversation never stops there. It would be too simple. By the time the argument is through we’ve gone through all of the cupboards and we still end up at a stalemate.

With my first child I would have simply walked away and said, “You can eat what you’re served or be hungry until lunch.”

Now that I have three, that’s a lot of HANGRY following me crying all morning.

Don’t tell them, but if cookies for breakfast would make them happy all morning long – I’d consider it. 


Illustration credit to AJ van der Westhuyzen

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