I Dream of Peeing Alone

Forgive the crudeness of this post, but am I the only one that dreams of peeing alone? It’s pretty consistent that the moment I try to use the restroom catastrophe is upon us. Typically, I hold out as long as I can and then prepare for the chaos and drama that will undoubtedly unfold during that one minute of vulnerability.

Just today, for example, I hadn’t even turned on the light before my middle child was at my feet with a story of how his younger brother traumatized him by stealing his favorite car, again… He was so distraught that the only way I had even a small chance of relieving myself was to hold his hand.

I know someday I’m going to miss having young kids. I love (almost) every minute I get to spend with them, and count my blessings on a regular basis.

But someday, I will cherish peeing alone.


Illustration credit to AJ van der Westhuyzen


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