Best Bedtime Story Books for ages 3-7

At our house, we’re almost always on the lookout for new books. I love that my kiddos love to read, which is why I am constantly searching for more ways to foster that passion. However, at the end of the day, we have a handful of favorites. Here are our 10 favorite books for bedtime.

1. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

These dinosaurs with human parents are getting a great lesson in bedtime.


2. The Big Red Barn

Written by the author of Good Night Moon, this colorfully illustrated book follows animals on the farm as they ready themselves for bedtime.


3. You’ll Always Be Enough

Eye-catching illustrations lure listeners in for a sweet rhyme on self-love, making it the perfect way to end any day


4. Bedtime for Frances

Originally published in 1960, Bedtime for Frances remains a delightful family story. Will Frances ever sleep?


5. Touch the Brightest Star

Children join in for this story, with fun and simple tasks, such as “blow a breeze,” to wind down the day.


6. Interrupting Chicken

This one may not be the best option for winding down, but it is certain to fill a bedroom with giggles.


7. Close Your Eyes

A sweet, whimsical story about a little tiger, who is too nervous to sleep.


8. Don’t Turn the Page

A cute story featuring a young porcupine, who knows bedtime happens at the end of the book.


9. Tell Me the Day Backwards

A young bear climbs into bed at night and tries to remember his day, in reverse.


10. Little Blue Truck

A perfectly pictured book about the importance of friendships will end the night with an upbeat catchy rhyme.


Check out any (and all!) of these fantastic reads, and let me know what you think.


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