After overcoming a difficult childhood, I decided it’s time to make a difference. My dream is to publish a series of children’s books that contain uplifting messages, while giving a sizeable portion of net proceeds to organizations working directly with kids.

My first book, You’ll Always Be Enough, is sure to delight young children – whether reading independently or with an adult. Within every page a message of self-love is flawlessly weaved. The lesson for each animal character longing to be something different, or what they perceive as better, shows children that it’s enough to recognize differences in themselves and celebrate the uniqueness they’ve all been granted.

In 2017, the youth services department of Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs will recieve the donation. To learn more about Harbor House, click here.

To learn more about my triumph over tragedy, and where Bapple Books came from, click here

cropped-cropped-logo2.pngMake sure to check out my blog for parenting musts, to learn more about Bapple Books, and for weekly toddler-isms.


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